Align With The Heart

Multi-Dimensional Energy Harmonics
shift to a more positive space within you:
body, mind, emotions and spirit​​

Multi-Dimensional EnergyHarmonics

                                              Reclaiming our Power
Love is the intuitive knowledge of our hearts.  It's a 'world beyond' that we all secretly long for.  An ancient memory of this love haunts all of us all the time, and beckons us to return.  We want to return because we want our power back.  Love doesn't mean we give up our power; love is how we reclaim it.            
                                                    Marianne Williamson, Author of a Return to Love

 What is a session like and how long does it take?

An Align With The Heart Multi-Dimensional Energy Harmonics session takes about one hour.  Karen will meet with you for the session over the telephone or skype.  She will discuss your goal with you before the session begins. The session will begin with setting the intention with a blessing.  Using bioenergetic kinesiology, dowsing and specialized charts, Karen will scan your energy field for any stressed or blocked energy.  These areas can be multi-dimensional and may include past, present, future, genetic, dna, parallel universes, and/or collective consciousness.  They might encompass body, mind, emotions and spirit energies.  She will ask you to focus on your heart as she aligns the denser energy in specific areas with a higher frequency.  This allows your energy field to resonate with a new tune or harmonic.   Karen will continue to unblock energy, while at other times she will add beneficial harmonic frequencies; always guided by the innate intelligence of your own body, mind, spirit.  There is no written information or report.  Karen may tell you the area and what is being worked on, and other times not.  The session is much like an energetic massage, and it is best to just relax and enjoy the process.

How does Karen use Light Language?

At certain points in the session when she intuitively feels the guidance, Karen will also shift energetic frequencies through light language.  She will ask you to focus on your heart as you listen to her voice "sing light language".  You will receive the encoded harmonic sound imprints from the divine given especially for you.  These harmonic imprints helpt to transform energies to higher frequencies so your energy field can hum a new tune.  Light Language usually comes through for you as a gift several times in a session. Karen advises that you start with a goal you would like to work on.  The energies will shift around that goal always for highest and best good and what is most needed now.  People have said they feel relaxed and less stress after a session, and more focused towards their goal.  For long-standing or deeper issues, more than one session is recommended for best results.  Karen does not work with the physical body.  She works with the energetic body to unblock, shift, and transform energy.  Energy always shifts.  Energy shifts may lie beneath conscious awareness.

How do I make an appointment
and how much does a session cost?

To make an appointment please contact
Karen by e-mail on the contact page.  
She will e-mail you or telephone you
to arrange the best time.  A session is
$50 payable through Pay Pal.  Karen
will give you the information at the
time your appointment is confirmed.
Karen offers discounts for multiple
sessions.  Karen will telephone you at
the scheduled appointment time.

"I look forward to helping you have more positive energy available in your life through Align With The Heart Multi-Dimensional Energy Harmonics."          Karen