Align With The Heart

Multi-Dimensional Energy Harmonics
shift to a more positive space within you:
body, mind, emotions and spirit​​

Karen Martinson

While working in the University environment until her retirement, Karen became fascinated with healing and energy work.  She studied Reiki and Energy Dynamics, Quantum Healing, Kinesiology and Dowsing.

Karen retired in a small southern Iowa town and now has more time to devote to helping people .Karen has enjoyed daily meditation for forty-four years.  She enjoys exploring spirituality, time with her daughter and grandchildren, walks in nature, flower gardening, and the unexplained and metaphysical aspects of the Universe.

                          ​       Message From Karen

"I know each of you guided here is a gift for my heart.  I truly feel the greatest gift of the heart is love.  Out of the respect for the love you are, I open my heart to your heart in gratitude.  It is my honor to serve you as our hearts align to help each other grow.  It is with a heart-felt appreciation that I thank you for this divine opportunity. " 
            "In the silence of the heart, God Speaks"   
                                               Mother Teresa